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Manufacturer of Automated Electrical Testing Solutions

Clayton Capital Partners, a St. Louis-based investment banking firm, is pleased to exclusively represent CO221 (the “Company”) in the sale of its business.  Headquartered in the Midwest, CO221 is a leading manufacturer of automated electrical testing solutions that verify interconnects in wire assemblies, cable harnesses, and other electromechanical assemblies.  The Company primarily services the aerospace/defense and transportation industries.

  • Established Brand RecognitionCO221 has established significant brand recognition.  Over sixty years ago, the Company was instrumental in setting the standard for high voltage testing specifications for the military and its industrial suppliers.  The Company’s early entrance into and influential impact on this market has enabled it to build long lasting relationships with significant customers.

  • Complete Turnkey SolutionsCO221 has the ability to offer its customers complete turnkey test solutions.  The Company designs and manufactures its own analyzers and test systems, features a high degree of vertical integration, performs assembly in-house, can help with installation and adaptation, and provides long term customer support.

  • Extensive In-House CapabilitiesThe Company’s extensive in-house capabilities enable it to control quality, work within its customers’ timeframes, and customize its products to meet the exact needs and specification of each client.  

  • Superior Customer SupportCO221 has developed a reputation as a high-tech industry leader that responds to customer needs and changing markets.  The Company’s loyal and experienced team, extensive in-house capabilities, superior products, and long developed relationships with its customers help it to provide the highest level of customer support.  As a result, the Company experiences high levels of customer loyalty.

  • Established Customer Base CO221 partners with some of the top companies in the world.  The Company’s products are currently in over 50% of aircraft manufacturing facilities globally.  The Company has achieved loyalty with its customers by providing quality products and superior customer support.  In addition, changeover costs required to switch manufacturers are significant, resulting in customer retention.

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The undersigned (herein called the Receiving Party) hereby agrees:

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It is understood that disclosure of any Information, including the possibility that the Company may be sold, disclosure of the current status of the Company, or disclosure of any Information to customers, vendors, competitors, or employees of the Company, would cause serious financial damage to the Company and/or its affiliates.  The Receiving Party agrees that the Company shall be entitled to injunctive relief for any breach or threatened breach of this Agreement, without the need to post a bond.  Such remedy shall be in addition to all other available remedies. The Receiving Party agrees to indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any costs or damages arising out of any breach of this Agreement by the Receiving Party or its employees.

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The Receiving Party shall not assign this Agreement.  No failure or delay by the Company to exercise any right, power or privilege under this Agreement shall constitute a waiver thereof.  This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Missouri.  The state and federal courts located in Kansas City, Missouri shall be the exclusive venue for any and all actions or proceedings related to this Agreement.

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