Retained Seller

  • CO215: A Niche Fabricator of Heavy Steel Process Equipment for the Petrochemical and Steel Industries - $23MM Revenue - $2.5MM EBITDA.

  • CO238: A Leading Product Design- To- Manufacturing Firm - $43MM Revenue.

  • CO239: Full-Service Trucking,
    Transloading, and Depot Operation.

  • CO243: Leading Consulting Group Specializing in the Oversight of Communications Services.

  • CO244:Full-Service Provider of Software Solutions to Government Agencies - $5.1MM Revenue - $1.6MM EBITDA.

    Retained Acquisition Searches

  • CO62: Specialty Contractor Seeking add-on Acquisitions.

  • CO161: Leading Provider of Service Station Fuel Delivery Systems Seeking add-on Acquisitions with revenues of up to $10MM.

  • CO235: Private Equity Firm Seeking Investments in Food Manufacturing or Distribution; Sanitation or Janitorial Distribution; HVAC Aftermarket; or products which support North American Infrastructure. EBITDA of > $4MM.

  • CO237: Privately-held Market Leader in the Pet and Animal Nutrition Industry is Seeking add-on Acquisitions.

  • CO246: Distributor of Granite and other Natural Stone Products Seeking to Acquire Importers and Distributors of Natural Stone and related products located in the Central and Eastern United States.

  • CO248: Global Engineering Company Seeking to Acquire multiple Engineering Companies, particularly those serving Industrial clients.
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    The following is an exerpt from Sell Your Business for an Outrageous Price: An Insiders's Guide to Getting More Than You Ever Thought Possible, Pages 80-81.

    By, Kevin M. Short

    Financial buyers use financial formulas to
    determine the price they will pay for a company. In its most rudimentary form, these buyers establish the minimal rate of return that they require and work backward to a purchase price. An Outrageous Price is one that is at least two times the prevailing average industry multiple of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization). I assume that you are aware (or as aware as you can be) of the multiples for your industry. Imagine, for a moment, being paid twice what those multiples would suggest.

    To help determine if your company is a candidate to fetch an Outrageous Price from a strategic buyer (one who does not use a simple formula but instead pays based on its perception of future value), we will look at the analysis and process that enabled some not very remarkable companies to do so.

    We can pursue the Outrageous Price Process- designed to yield at least twice the EBITDA multiple of an average company in the industry- if the following Four Pillars are in place:

    Our job is to get you an Outrageous Price for Your Company

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