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Retained Seller

  • CO177: Engineering and Construction services firm serving the Cement, Lime & Limestone, Mining, and Agro-Industrial industries with North American & Asian operations - $18MM Revenue - $2.6MM EBITDA.

  • CO192: Experiential Marketing Agency that works with national and international companies, Brands and Products to drive Behavior-changing results and specializes in the Design and Execution of live events, field marketing, sponsor activation, digital media, exhibits and environments - $40MM Revenue - $3.2MM EBITDA.

  • CO198: Private Aviation firm providing Aircraft Management and Charter Services for private and corporate aircraft.

  • CO205: Global Leader in the Fabrication and Installation of Custom Designed Themed Environments - $35MM Revenue.

  • CO207: Niche Appliance Distributor - $12.7MM Revenue.

  • CO210: Specialty Metal Fabrication Business.

  • CO213: Manufacturer of Frozen Pizza and Distributor of Frozen Foods.

    Retained Acquisition Searches

  • CO62: Specialty Contractor Seeking add-on Acquisitions.

  • CO138: Kansas City-based Private Investor Seeking to Acquire companies Headquartered within 50 mile radius of Kansas City.

  • CO140: Strategic acquirer Seeking add-on Acquisitions - Collection Agencies in the
    Midwest specializing in Government and Financial Institution collections.

  • CO161: Leading Provider of Service Station Fuel Delivery Systems Seeking add-on Acquisitions with revenues of up to $10MM.

  • CO201: Manufacturer of complex, engineered components for the Aerospace, Defense, First Response, Safety, and Medical markets Seeking Acquisitions with revenues up to $15MM. Aviation control systems and/or products regulating the flow of oxygen are of particular interest.

  • CO203: Privately held manufacturer and marketer of highly recognized Laundry, Household Cleaning, Air Care, and Lawn & Garden branded products Seeking Acquisitions with revenues up to $15MM.

  • CO209: Global subsidiary of a Fortune 10 company Seeking Acquisitions in the following sectors:
    Air Flow Technologies – custom HVAC, heat exchange, energy recovery
    Fluid Flow Technologies - hydronic systems, chillers, cooling, heat exchange, energy recovery
    Commercial Building Technologies – fasteners and connectors, structural supports, exterior cladding, pre-fabrication technology
    Proprietary and/or highly engineered products preferred.

    deal team

    Is This The Time To Sell Your Company?*

    *We admit it: we don't know. Neither does anyone else. But unlike everyone else, we know how to figure out the answer!

    In a previous issue of The DealMaker, we debunked several myths that can persuade middle-market business owners to avoid the M&A marketplace.

    Those myths include:

    • No businesses are selling in this economy.
    • It is a buyer's market.
    • Prices haven't recovered.
    • Sellers don't need help selling their companies.
      [Click here to access that article]

    If any, or all, of these myths have convinced you to postpone selling your company indefinitely, I urge you to reconsider.

    I've been involved in running, buying and selling businesses for over 25 years, so I will be the first to acknowledge that there are very real risks in selling a company.

    Real risks include:

    • A loss of customers, employees and vendors;
    • The loss of the fees you'll pay to advisors should the deal fail to close;
    • The cost to your company should you lose focus during the sale process; and
    • Your own disillusionment should the deal run off the rails.
    Let me also be the first to assure you that these real risks can be significantly mitigated with careful preparation.

    At Clayton Capital Partners we have developed a very deliberate and comprehensive process to reduce seller risk and increase the probability of closing transactions. The process that we call The Proactive Sale Strategy is one sellers use to determine the best possible time to sell.

    Highlights of this process include:

    1. Assessing Sale Readiness. We assess how prepared you are, your company is and all stakeholders are for a sale. We'll look at your expectations, your company's systems, competitors and potential buyers in the marketplace.

    2. Pre-Sale Due Diligence. We put your company under a microscope before giving a buyer that opportunity. We determine if there are any issues that make your company un-saleable, then work to eliminate or minimize any issues that might reduce a purchase price or delay a closing.

    3. Identify the Competitive Advantage. In this step we identify those features of your company that make it different from its competitors. We also spend time determining how that difference might appeal to buyers.

    4. Indentify Buyers. We draw upon our huge proprietary database of buyers (including Private Equity Groups) to determine if there are buyers active in the marketplace who could benefit from buying your company. We also go beyond that list to do some creative thinking with you about other parties who might be interested in buying.

    Once we complete this analysis, you decide – based on fact, not myth – whether the time is right to sell your company.

    The decision to sell or not to sell is too important – to you, your family and your employees – to base it on assumptions and misplaced belief in myths. We can help you assemble the facts. If the time is right for you to sell, we can help you navigate your way to a successful closing.

    Kevin M. Short
    Managing Partner & CEO

    deal team

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