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Retained Seller

  • CO177: Engineering and Construction services firm serving the Cement, Lime & Limestone, Mining, and Agro-Industrial industries with North American & Asian operations - $16MM Revenue - $1.9MM EBITDA.

  • CO192: Experiential Marketing Agency that works with national and international companies, Brands and Products to drive Behavior-changing results and specializes in the Design and Execution of live events, field marketing, sponsor activation, digital media, exhibits and environments - $48MM Revenue - $4.2MM EBITDA.

  • CO200: A leading Regional Wholesaler of Electrical Products with a Strategic Network of Locations - $70.1 MM Revenue.

  • CO206: Online Retailer of Audiobooks.

    Retained Acquisition Searches

  • CO62: Specialty Contractor Seeking add-on Acquisitions.

  • CO138: Kansas City-based Private Investor Seeking to acquire companies Headquartered within 50 mile radius of Kansas City.

  • CO161: Leading Provider of Service Station Fuel Delivery Systems Seeking add-on Acquisitions with revenues of up to $10MM.

  • CO201: Innovative design, engineering and manufacturer of components for the Aerospace, Defense, First Response, Safety, and Medical markets Seeking Acquisitions with revenues up to $15MM. Aviation control systems or anything to do with flow of oxygen of other gases of particular interest.

  • CO203: Privately held manufacturer and marketer of highly recognized Laundry, Household Cleaning, Air Care, and Lawn & Garden branded products Seeking Acquisitions with revenues up to $15MM.

  • CO209: Global subsidiary of a Fortune 10 company Seeking Acquisitions in the following sectors:
    Air Flow Technologies – custom HVAC, heat exchange, energy recovery
    Fluid Flow Technologies - hydronic systems, chillers, cooling, heat exchange, energy recovery
    Commercial Building Technologies – fasteners and connectors, structural supports, exterior cladding, pre-fabrication technology
    Proprietary and/or highly engineered products preferred.

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    No Businesses Are Selling And
    Other Common Myths About The Lower Middle Market

    I enjoy myths that teach a lesson or make an observation about human nature that is as true today as it was eons ago. But I really get a kick out of debunking myths—especially those that rely on faulty assumptions and therefore prevent folks from making smart decisions. This article is about some of myths that I love to destroy.

    Myth 1: In this economy, no businesses are selling. The data say otherwise. Last year was a mixed bag: M&A activity was down in the first half of the year, but recovered strongly in the last half. So far in 2013, interest rates remain low, GDP growth is expected to be in the 2% to 3% range and the fiscal cliff is in the rearview mirror. All that plus buyer demand has analysts expressing "Cautious confidence . . . for 2013."

    Myth 2: It is a buyer's market. With banks lending again, companies carrying plenty of cash on their balance sheets, and PEGs under pressure to invest, we see more buyers chasing qualified sellers than we've seen in years. As organic growth is increasingly difficult to achieve in this economy, acquirers seek acquisitions as a great way to show revenue growth. A recent survey indicated that nearly 80% of $500MM+ revenue firms and Private Equity Groups are currently engaged in or are open to making an acquisition during the coming year while only seven percent of potential sellers are actively seeking a sale. That's a whole lot of buyers chasing very few sellers.

    Myth 3: Prices have not recovered. Not true. Our experience indicates that prices are strong for companies with diverse customer bases, strong systems, healthy prospects for growth, scale and successful management teams . . . especially if sellers know how to position their companies for sale.

    Myth 4: I don't need help. That's true: Sellers don't need help if they are willing to sell their companies for less than they are worth and really aren't that interested in making sure their deals close. Those are risks that Fortune 500 companies never take when they go to market. They always hire experienced legal, accounting and investment-banking advisors Shouldn't you?

    We'll be the first to admit that challenges remain. We all live with uncertainty about taxes, borrowing limits, and spending cuts. But can we also be the first to recommend that you do not allow uncertainty and gloom-and-doom headlines to constrain and define your thinking? Revisit or set your objectives, take a clear-eyed view of your company, review the data, talk to experts, and determine whether faulty assumptions or facts prevent you from selling.

    Kevin M. Short
    Managing Partner and CEO

    Amodeo, Giovanni, as quoted in "The Buyers Are Back: M&A Poised to Rebound in 2013," by Tim Sprinkle. Yahoo! Finance, 01/03/13.

    RBS Citizens, "Middle Market M&A Outlook: 2013." Page17. Figure 8.

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